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Since 1970

For more than 32 years, Enviro-Flame Inc. has led the way with technology in thermal combustion enhancement.  Research and development makes the new “EF Fuel Additive” the most advanced logical space-age solution to all industries using fuel gases in open flame applications.  In general, one ounce of EF Fuel Additive, added to approximately 10 gallons of propane (or butane, natural gas, diesel or coal. See detail), gives you the finest, cleanest burning, energy enhancer available.  EF delivers hotter flame temperatures and brings you the fuel economy solution! Please see Frequently Asked Questions to know more about EF Fuel Additive!

Enviro-Flame Inc. will persevere in its efforts to provide innovative advances in the open-flame application industry. Our technology and products will help to meet the Kyoto Protocol and slow global warming; while significantly reducing pollution caused by combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.

Enviro-Flame Inc. has ample domestic manufacturing capacity to service both North America as well as the international market. We will maintain our goals in outstanding customer service, progress in technology, and strive for excellence in quality.

Download EnviroFlame Brochure: EF_flyer2.pdf

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