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APPLICATIONS with EF Fuel Additive


Enviro-Flame Inc. located in St. Petersburg, Florida; manufactures and distributes a patented compound of hydrocarbons used as a additive in various fuels such as propane, LPG, natural gas, coal, DME and wood gas, etc. "EF" Fuel Additive, while having no effect on the desirable characteristics of these base fuel gases, has a dramatic effect on the combustion and thermal reaction when these gases burn. Different fuels blended with EF Fuel Additive will generate more heat value and increase the temperature of their respective burning flame. EF Fuel Additive is designed only for open-flame combustion in larger areas such as kilns, furnaces, and boilers, etc..


The following industries or applications (examples only) can be significantly beneficial from using EF Fuel Additive:

  • Power Generation Plant
  • Kiln, brick/ceramic, cement manufacturer
  • General cooking
  • Water Boiler
  • Glass works
  • All other "heating" purposes by using fuel gases



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