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Special Notices


1. Warranty of EF Fuel Additive

For EF Fuel Additive in its original and sealed shipping metal drums or packages; if stored in a cool, well ventilated area; Enviro-Flame Inc. guarantees that the there will be no any chemical decomposition or degradation in EF fuel additive within one year after the shipping date.

2. Product Liability Insurance - for international customers

It will be the international distributors' or agents' responsibility to provide the product liability insurance, if required by law, to their customers in the respective territory or country.

3. Use EF Fuel Additive Safely

EF is designed only for open-flame combustion in larger areas such as kilns, furnaces, and boilers, etc.. EF is not to be used for oxy-flame applications in metal working industries due to the relatively higher possibility of the flame torch tip burnt out and possible backfire may cause severe damage to both operator and the facilities.

4. Residual Effect by EF Fuel Additive

Before you want to test and compare the performance between EF treated fuel gases and non-treated fuel gases, please note:

Any hose or apparatus in contact with EF treated LPG (or Propane or NG, etc.) will retain EF residue for approximately 2 hours per linear foot of the hose. For example, 10-foot of hose & 1-foot of apparatus would require 22 hours of normal operation with untreated gas to remove the EF residue. Any test procedure done while EF residue is present would enhance the performance of the untreated gas being used.

It is strongly suggested that all untreated gas tests be done first. Otherwise, inaccurate or insignificant test results may occur!!


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