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The operating theory of what makes EF Fuel Additive actually work is called "radiant containment". When EF delivers hotter flame temperatures, according to Stefan-Boltzmann Law; the total power radiated rises to the fourth power of the absolute temperature which means higher BTU per unit of the fuel and hence leads you to a considerable amount of fuel saving! Read more.....


Lab/Field Test Records


Something you need to know about our Lab/Field Test Records:


The lab test data and/or field test reports, comment, etc. are for reference only. We do not guarantee any magnitude of fuel saving after the treatment of EF Fuel Additive.


Few people on this earth really understand combustion. There is no way you can tell how oxidation and energy transfer will occur. The lab and field test result may not be reproduced and repeated. 


Both RxP and FXD (Flamex) use the same technology of EF, but with the different chemical formula


Join us to explore EF and save your fuel costs and alleviate the global warming!


Bio-Diesel Thermal Value Increase & Emission Reduction

Propane Engine (21% faster water heating)

Blow Glass (20% more throughput)

Kerosene Bomb Calorimeter (17% BTU increase)

Flame Temperature of Fuel Gases (50 oC ~ 150 oC hotter)

Palm Oil Heat Value (13% increase)

Aero Water Heater Efficiency Improvement

Boiler with Natural Gas (12 - 40+%  fuel save)

Boiler with #4 Fuel Oil
(8% fuel save)

Boiler with coal (5+% fuel save)

Kiln with Natural Gas (7+% fuel save)

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